Workshop: The spine series - THORACIC SPINE

med Laima Uzomeckaite

Mid back, ribcage and breath

Ribcage is quite remarkable as it protects your vital organs and allows you to breath. What might be surprising to many is that you mid back also moves with the breath. We will therefore explore breath as movement that involves hundreds of muscles, bones and joints, and address tightness and lack of mobility that comes due to sedentary lifestyle and daily forwardly rounded position.

Freeing the restrictions of mid back will help your neck and low back- once thoracic vertebrae move smoothly, other parts of the spine won’t need to overcompensate.

Almen pris: 295 kr. - medlemmer (og personale) af YOGA HUSET og FOKUS Fitness 250 kr.


Practicing since 2004 and teaching Yoga since 2014, I keep learning and combining teachings from India, Denmark, Thailand, England and Canada.

My style is ever evolving as I am learning and discovering more about yoga and human anatomy. Starting with Iyengar, Hatha and Vinyasa, adding Mindfulness and Yin, I stay curious about the origins of Yoga and the millennia old philosophy, as well as most recent science.

Yoga Asana for me is a vessel or a frame, where breath, growth and healing happens. I use yoga as therapy for understanding how the body works, how mind connects to it through breath, focus and movement. 

My practice got a pivotal shift in 2017, when I came across Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy and Bodywork, followed by embodied anatomy, biomechanics and biotensegrity, which took my understanding of body, movement, learning and teaching to a hole new plane. Now the journey continues…


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