Workshop: Restorative yoga: Hot julefrokost for the soul

with Laima Uzomeckaite

Embracing the season of giving and receiving, accepting and letting go, you’ll have a chance to give a little back to your trusty body, mind and heart. 

This will be a nourishing practice for all systems, refining connectedness between all tissues and all parts of your body, uniting and awakening a deeper sense of grounding and belonging.

May this workshop be an opportunity to close this unparalleled year with gratitude and appreciation, so you can start your holiday season with hopeful open heart.

2 timer i Surya i YOGA HUSET Aalborg

Pris: 250kr

(Max 9 pers. at the workshop)


 You are invited to a soulful afternoon with heated restorative yoga and therapeutic flow practice to celebrate return of the light, as we near the winter solstice and Christmas.

Practicing since 2004 and teaching Yoga since 2014, I keep learning and combining teachings from India, Denmark, Canada, Thailand and England. My style is ever evolving as I travel through life. Starting with Iyengar, Hatha and Vinyasa, adding Mindfulness and Yin, I stay curious about the origins of Yoga and the millennia old philosophy, translating the knowledge into more modern interpretation of Asana (pose), Pranayama (breath) and Dhyana (meditation) practice.

Yoga Asana for me is a vessel or a frame, where breath, healing and transformation happens. I use yoga as therapy for understanding the bodymind, and connecting all aspects of being through observation, breath and movement.

Through my studies of yoga, in 2017 I came across Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy and Bodywork, which took my understanding of body, energy, learning and teaching to a hole new plane. Now the journey continues, uniting tradition and science, learning every step of the way…


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